Come And Have A Go If You Think You're Rachmaninoff - Splatter/Colour + Live Takes Vinyl Bundle

Come And Have A Go If You Think You're Rachmaninoff - Splatter/Colour + Live Takes Vinyl Bundle

We are excited to announce a new Snuff album.

"Come And Have A Go If You Think You're Rachmaninoff" is a completely acoustic record and as such a bit of a departure from the norm.

Track 1 All You Need
Track 2 One Of Those Days
Track 3 Lemon Curd
Track 4 Bob's Song
Track 5 EFL vs Concrete
Track 6 Gyoza
Track 7 Chalice Of Lunacy
Track 8 Nick Motown
Track 9 Thief
Track 10 Take Me Home

BLACK/WHITE - Splatter Vinyl x400 Pressed

PINK - Colour Vinyl x400 Pressed


Crepuscolo Dorato – The Live Takes!

In August 2021 Snuff went to Perry Vale Studios to record the new album‘Crepuscolo dorato della bruschetta borsetta calzetta cacchetta trombetta lambretta giallo ossido, ooooooh così magnifico!’ (Released 2022)
Prior to the recording session starting the band rehearsed the songs and played around with arrangements as covid had prevented any proper rehearsals These sessions were recorded by Pat Collier for reference and handed out to the band over the course of a few days.
Originally only ever to be heard by the band we have decided to share this recording session with you as a document of a time and place. A band emerging from the constraints of enforced isolation, excited by the possibilities of recording again...... so, here we have ‘Crepuscolo Dorato’ – The Live Takes!
No new songs, no alternative versions, just a document of an important time played live to tape
Brought to you by 10 Past 12 Records & SBAM Records (Europe) on limited edition vinyl and Cd. These are the album tracks as live as you'll hear them on stage, mistakes and all!

Limited Edition Black Vinyl

Track List:

1) One Of Those Days
2) Stolen From View
3) Bing Bong
4) Small F
5) Lemon Curd
6) Green Glass Chippings
7) Looks Alright From Here
8) Barba Gelata
9) Fish N Chips
10) Hard Times